Kalós irthatee herzlich willkommen im Land der Götter -  by IMFO CONSULTING - Greece - Pelepones - Argolis -  Kranidi - Porto Heli - Ermi


Welcome to Villa Désirée in the Land of The Gods, Argolis.

The most beautiful region in the Peloponnesos, full of myths and historical places.

A heavenly view of the aegean sea with groups of islands which seem to float on top of the surface of the sea.

A villa that has flair as well as all the comfort you could need: Pool, airconditioning, central heating, its own water-well,

and from the terrace you'll enjoy a view of the islands of Poros, Hydra, Spetses and Dokos.

Surrounded by hilly meadows where the sheep produce their unique milk which is later used to make the excellent Feta cheese.


This is pure relaxation !


Zeus invites you to come to Greece so you can share the warmth and the sun with him,

and to let yourself be engulfed by the hospitality of the Greek people.

Are the Greeks so friendly because of the Gods, or were the Gods so taken by the friendliness of the Greeks

The Gods could have chosen any country in the world, but they chose the warmth of the Gree


The region around Porto Heli is very interesting, both from an archaelogical as well as a historical point of view.

Many archaelogical finds bear witness to a highly developed civilisation in this part of Greece

that dates to back to the Minoan culture, and the following Mycenaeans.

Another advantage of staying in Vila Désirée is the short distance to some of the most important historical places in Greece.

The many bays and beaches around Porto Heli and Ermioni are pretty quiet, even in high summer,

and are ideal for snorkling and bathing. Here one can forget time passing by while enjoying the fantastic sunsets over the Gulf of Argolis

which is filled with the glittering of the Greek sun. In these moments it is easy to forget time and space,

and realise that we are all only atomic particels in a fleeting moment.



                                 enjoy  your  holiday  in  the  Belletage

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